For applicants to graduate school

The Faculty of Arts of Lomonosov Moscow State University implements an educational program

higher education - a program for the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in graduate school  

Direction of training

50.06.01 - "Art Criticism"

Directivity (profile)

  "Theory and History of Art"


"Researcher. Research teacher "

Reception plan

in the 2021-2022 academic year

10 people (contract)

For the attention of applicants for graduate school in 2021

Documents for admission are accepted from 10:00 on August 16 to 18:00 on August 27, 2021 inclusive. Documents submitted earlier or later than the deadline will not be considered.


Innings  applications and documents are made by filling out a web application form at:  If any errors are found when filling out the electronic form, the applicant will receive a written notification of this, indicating which errors need to be eliminated.

For admission to graduate school

Faculty of Arts requires the following documents

1. Completed and signed Application for admission to graduate school addressed to the Rector of Moscow State University.

2. Copy of your passport.

3. A copy of the diploma of higher education (master's degree or specialty) and annexes thereto.

4. An essay on the topic of the planned research work in the direction of 10 to 15 pages.

5. List of published works (if any).

Scanned copies of documents

must meet the following requirements

  • Each document is scanned into a separate file.

  • The document is a digitized electronic document made from the original.

  • Document format - PDF (resolution at least 300 DPI).

  • Documents with black or black and white images must be scanned in 8-bit Grayscale (256 shades of gray). Color images are scanned in RGB mode.

  • The brightness and contrast settings should be adjusted in such a way that the text is as easy to read as possible.

  • If the document contains more than one page, then it must be scanned in multi-page mode.

  • When opening the document, there should be no warning messages about possible errors.

  • You can not set passwords for opening a document, as well as set a ban on printing.

  • The quality of the document should ensure machine-readable recognition of its details.

List of Applicants for Graduate Studies - 2021

Entrance exams

Theory and history of art (oral)

History and Philosophy of Science (oral)

Foreign language (oral)



Questions and references

Theory and history of art


Foreign language


Order for admission to graduate school in 2021