Information for applicants

The Faculty of Arts is recruiting in the direction of training 50.03.02 "Fine Arts".

The faculty has a two-level model of education: bachelor's and master's degrees (with the possibility of obtaining education only in a bachelor's degree or only in a master's degree).


The graduate receives an international diploma (Bachelor of Arts / Master of Arts) with translation into English, which does not require nostrification.  

Admission rules in 2021

Changes to the Admission Rules in 2021


Acceptance of documents


To undergraduate - from June 20 to July 12, 2021

To magistracy - from June 20 to July 20, 2021

Acceptance of documents at Lomonosov Moscow State University is carried out only in a remote form.

Application for admission is submitted through the electronic information system of Moscow State University -

An electronic digital signature (EDS) is not required to submit documents.


Working hours of the Admissions Committee


The admissions office in 2021 works exclusively remotely.


Communication with representatives of the selection committee is carried out in the following ways:

  • By phone of the educational part of the faculty: +7 495 629 5605

     (Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 18:00, break 14: 00-15: 00; Sat - from 10:00 to 14:00; Sun - day off)

  • By WhatsApp (messages only):

     Bogomolova Yuliana Yurievna +7 985 056 3437

     Isaeva Yulia Alexandrovna +7 968 575 2656


Tuition fees in the 2021-2022 academic year

Training is carried out only on a contractual basis


Tuition Fee Orders

For Russian citizens


Tuition fees (including in the order of restoration and transfer from other universities)

for full-time education:


  • bachelor's degree - 391,050 rubles.  in year,

  • second higher education - 391,050 rubles.  in year,

  • Master's degree - 383 550 rubles.  in year.

The amount of payment for postgraduate studies:


  • full-time postgraduate study - 409,858 rubles. in  year,

  • postgraduate study by correspondence - 285,000 rubles. in year.  

For foreign citizens

Tuition fees for full-time education:


  • bachelor's degree - 440,000 rubles. in year,

  • Master's degree - 420,000 rubles. in year.

The amount of payment for postgraduate studies:


  • full-time postgraduate study - 440,000 rubles.  in year.  

Forms and terms of training


  • Under the bachelor training program

     - full-time form (study period - 4 years)


  • According to the training program for persons with higher education entering a separate competition

     - full-time form (study period - 4 years)


  • According to the master's training program  

     - full-time form (study period - 2 years)

Postponement from the army


A deferment from the army and training at the military department are provided for young men.  




Nonresident (living beyond the 5th tariff zone of the Moscow Railway) and foreign students are provided with a hostel. More details here .  

The composition of the selection committee


  • Chairman of the selection committee - Lobodanov Alexander Pavlovich

  • Deputy Chairman - Aleksey Borisovich Eliseev

  • Executive Secretary - Bogomolova Yuliana Yurievna

  • Deputy Executive Secretary (foreign students) - Kuznetsova Svetlana Vladimirovna

  • Deputy otv. Secretary for AIS - Shifrin Anton Olegovich

  • Employee of the selection committee - Isaeva Yulia Aleksandrovna


Also, information on admission can be obtained

by phone: +7 495 629 5605

and by e-mail:

For more information on the rules for admission to Moscow State University in 2021, you can get

on the website of the Central Admissions Committee of Lomonosov Moscow State University