Foreign applicants

Acceptance of documents

Remotely on the platform  

List of required documents

1. Student application for admission, filled out when uploading documents for admission online ( ).

2. Scanned color copy of education documents:

  • for undergraduate programs : a document on secondary (complete) general education, a document on passing final exams (hui kao). If the certificate has not yet been received, then a certificate from the school with translation into Russian.

  • for training in master's programs : a document on higher education and on the awarded qualifications (not lower than a bachelor's or specialist's degree). If the diploma has not yet been received, then a certificate from the university with translation into Russian.

  • for training in postgraduate programs : a document on higher education and on the awarded qualifications (not lower than a specialist or master's degree).

3. Notarized translation into Russian of education documents and grades in the subjects studied.

4. A copy of the first two pages of the passport.

5. Notarized translation of the first two pages of the passport.

6. Official photo in digital format 3x4.

IMPORTANT:  The originals of the documents uploaded upon admission must be personally handed over to the admissions office of the faculty after arriving in Moscow during the first year of study. If during the first year of study the originals are not submitted to the faculty, the university has the right to terminate the contract for the provision of educational services unilaterally.

To issue an invitation, you must provide


  • Copy of passport (passport validity period not less than 2 years)

  • Address and telephone number of permanent residence

  • Place of visa receipt (Embassy or Consulate General of the Russian Federation)

Forms and terms of training


Undergraduate - full-time - 4 years​

Master's degree - full-time - 2 years


Entrance tests


Russian language (oral) - from June 19

Literature (oral) - from June 19

Creative competition

Master's Degree

Entrance Exam - June 22

Creative competition



A hostel is provided for nonresident and foreign students. More details  here .  

For admission questions 

contact the deputy. Dean for International Cooperation 

Svetlana Kuznetsova


tel .: +7 985 240 4414


An international project has begun its work aimed at bilateral Russian-Chinese humanitarian cooperation in the field of culture and art. The aim of the project is to select the best Chinese college and university graduate students in creative specialties for further study at the Faculty of Arts of Lomonosov Moscow State University. It is planned that after graduating from the Faculty of Arts, graduates will contribute to strengthening the strategic partnership between Russia and China. Namely: they will assist in organizing and holding events aimed at strengthening and intensifying Russian-Chinese cultural exchange, popularizing iconic phenomena in the field of art, and mutual promotion of the Chinese and Russian cultural heritage.

To overcome the language barrier and successful education, a year-long language training is planned at the Faculty of Russian Language and Literature of the Institute of Foreign Languages of Peking University. Upon completion of which, it becomes possible to enter the relevant educational programs of the Faculty of Arts of Moscow University.

   我们 的 国际 规划 项目 已经 开始 启动 , 指 在 定向 俄 中 双方 在 文化 与 艺术 方面 的 人文 合作。 规划 项目 的 目标 为 精选 大学 和 学院 有 创造性 潜力 的 优秀 毕业生 到 莫斯科 大学 艺术 系。 学习在 艺术 系 完成 学业 获得 文凭 的 毕业生 , 毕业 后 都 将 是 加强 俄 中 两国 战略 意义 伙伴 关系 的 有力 推动者。 正 因为 如此 , 这 对 促进 组织 机构 、 实施 机构 以及 促进 和 强化 俄 中 文化定向 交流 和 中俄 文化遗产 的 相互 提升 , 都 将 起到 积极 重要 的 作用。 

为 克服 语言 障碍 , 学生 可 在 北京大学 外国语 学院 俄罗斯 语言 文学 系 为期 一年 的 预科 学习 , 预科 结业 后 , 将 可获得 直接 申请 莫斯科 大学 艺术 系 所有 专业 的 入 系 资格。

  若想 获得 更为 详细 的 以及 额外 的 信息 , 请 采取 以下 联系 方式 :

  俄罗斯 : KUZNETSOVA SVETLANA (莫斯科 大学 艺术 系 国际 处 副 主任) 邮箱 :

Training takes place in Russian, however, taking into account the specifics of teaching practical arts, knowledge of the Russian language at the TORFL-1 level is allowed.

Hostel provided .


In addition, the faculty provides an opportunity for foreign citizens to study at the Summer School and internship programs during the academic year. The courses are held in the following practical disciplines: academic vocal, pop vocal, classical dance, ballroom dance, drawing and painting, piano. And also in theoretical disciplines: semiotics of art, general theory of art, semiotics of architecture, semiotics of costume, semiotics and philosophy of the image, semiotics and style of choreography, economic and legal aspects of the art market, projects in the field of art, museology, style trends in art, history music, ancient Russian musical art, history of fine arts, criticism and expert analysis of works of art, history of fine art of Antiquity, Western European fine art, description and analysis of works of art, Russian fine art, Russian language and speech culture, cultural studies, history of literature, functional stylistics. Some of the courses are read in English, and are also accompanied by rich visual and pictorial material, which greatly facilitates understanding even if the Russian language is not higher than the TORFL-1 level.

The cost of training in the Summer School and in internship programs is up to 40,000 rubles per month.

Additional information on the admission rules at Moscow State University in 2021

on the website of the Central Admissions Committee of Lomonosov Moscow State University