Additional education

On the basis of the faculty, programs of additional education and advanced training are implemented in the form of an internship. The Fine Arts internship program provides for training according to an individual curriculum, drawn up taking into account the specialization received earlier by the student. Persons with higher education, citizens of the Russian Federation are accepted for training. Full-time daytime and / or evening training. The term of study is from 1 to 8 months. Upon completion, upon successful completion of the final attestation, a MSU certificate is issued. The cost is set annually in June at the Academic Council of the Faculty of Arts, admission plans for specific training programs are determined.


Classes start on September 01 / February 10. Documents for training are accepted from June 20 to July 10, from August 25 to 31, from January 25 to February 09.

Foreign citizens who speak Russian at least the TORFL-1 level can undergo a short-term scientific or educational internship. The term of study is from 1 to 10 months. Acceptance of documents for training is carried out all year round.


Students and teachers from universities in China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Germany, Great Britain, Italy undergo internships at the Faculty of Arts annually. In addition, the faculty provides an opportunity for foreign citizens to study at the Summer School. Some of the courses are read in English, and are also accompanied by rich visual and pictorial material, which greatly facilitates understanding even if the Russian language is not higher than the TORFL-1 level. Every year in the summer, the faculty accepts groups of up to 30 people from leading universities in Italy to study at the Summer School.