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The Faculty of Arts prepares bachelors and masters in the direction of training 50.03.02 "Fine Arts" in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The training is based on a new concept of training future artists. It is carried out as a synthesis of classical university education in the field of theory and history of art and the practical education of creative specialists in the field of art. The faculty employs highly professional specialists and outstanding figures of Russian culture, folk and honored artists of the Russian Federation.

The faculty strives to ensure that its graduates have a holistic vision of the world, understand the patterns and forms of its reflection in art, possess the basic skills of creating works of art, be able to conduct their professional analysis, conduct expert advisory activities in the field of art.


In the process of training, students of the faculty have the opportunity to practice at the best theater and concert venues in Russia; visit famous exhibitions, galleries, museums and participate in joint events with leading figures of the modern cultural space.

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"Fine arts"

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"Fine arts"


General theory of art


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"Art history"


Theory and history of art