Training courses


The courses provide targeted preparation for admission and study at the humanitarian faculties of universities.  


Benefits of preparatory courses from the Faculty of Arts:


  • comprehensiveness and high quality of training;

  • the ability to choose only one subject;

  • flexible cost;

  • conducting classes in the center of Moscow.


As part of the courses, work with applicants will be carried out in several main areas:


  • preparation for passing additional entrance examinations at the Faculty of Arts (creative competition);

  • development of high school students' skills and abilities necessary for further education at the humanitarian faculties of universities, in particular, at the faculties of arts.


Students of grades 10 and 11 are admitted to the courses, as well as all persons who have a document of secondary education.


The program of the preparatory courses includes the following subjects


  • Art history (lectures)

They acquaint with the history of the main types of art: painting, sculpture, music, theater, choreography, form the skills of perceiving content by ear and in electronic forms, writing abstracts and abstracts. The program includes the study of the history of Russian and world art in accordance with periodization, acquaintance with the key monuments of art, with the main problems and terminology of musical, choreographic and theatrical art.  


  • Practical lessons



The Faculty of Arts of Moscow State University provides an opportunity for an individual training schedule.

For all questions, please call: +7 495 629 3881 Makarov Mikhail Yurievich.

Classes are held in the classrooms of the Faculty of Arts of Moscow State University at:
st. Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 3, building 1 (entrance from Romanov Lane).